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Research Group for Social Studies of Science & Technology Technical University of Berlin (Germany)**

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Digital Economy (Platform Governance & Tech-StartUps) Sociology of Technology & Innovation Science Studies Qualitative Methods

**PhD Project**

Platform-Governance & the Compatibility-Innovation-Dilemma The goal of my PhD-Project is to explain how the governance of digital platforms is linked with the issue of innovating upon interdependent technologies. My empirical case is the development of apps on iOS and Android, where I conduct qualitative interviews as well as document analyses.

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Most Recent Publication

Grieser, C. (2020). Plattformen als infrastrukturzentrierte Märkte. Eine Integration von Markt- und Infrastruktur-Perspektiven auf Plattformen, illustriert am Beispiel von Solo-Selbstständigkeit im digitalen Kapitalismus. [Platforms as infrastructure-centered markets. Integrating Market- and Infrastructure Perspectives using the example of Self-Employment in Digital Capitalism.] Gesellschaft unter Spannung. Verhandlungen des 40. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft Für Soziologie 2020. (➡️ online)

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